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Timeless is the story of Pyrrha Stavros, a comic book artist who discovers that she is actually an immortal being with the ability to leap back and forth between her various past lives. Along the way, she meets mythical beings like Silenus, king of the Satyrs; ancient Greek gods such as Dionysus, god of wine; super-powered avatars; and vicious monsters bent on wiping her very existence off the tapestry of time and space. Reality becomes blurred as she discovers that what she thought was mere fantasy -- the product of her own vivid imagination -- is, in fact, very real. Green Gorgon continues the story of Pyrrha Stavros, now in the guise of Green Gorgon, time-traveling superhero. Situation Tragedy is the tale of two characters appearing in the Timeless webcomic, Scapegoat and Tragedy Girl, who live in an alternate modern-day world in which the Greek gods are still worshiped.

Green Gorgon

The Timeless Tales of the Green Gorgon collects the Timeless web comic, issue 1 of Green Gorgon, and Situation Tragedy. Available now!

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