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Each card of the The Silenus Tarot deck is decorated with a scene from Greek Mythology. Silenus, for which the deck was named, was a learned satyr who was skilled in the art of prophecy. Though very wise, Silenus was a humorous figure. As a satyr, he was driven by material gratification -- a quirk which, very often, got him into trouble. To compliment this light-hearted character, the deck is illustrated in a fun cartoon style largely inspired by ancient Greek vase paintings. The cards portray a wide variety of situations and emotions -- some joyous, some exciting, peaceful, depressing, or even downright tragic. As you follow these characters on their journeys, I hope they will become like close friends, and that you will see a part of yourself in each of them. You will feel their passion and pain, and hopefully be able to relate their dramas to your own life -- for self-discovery, after all, is what Tarot is all about.

Silenus Tarot

The Silenus Tarot Deck is a standard playing card-size 78-card tarot deck, printed in full color. Each card features a scene from Greek Mythology, rendered in a fun, cartoony style. An instruction sheet with brief descriptions of each card is included. Great for all ages. Currently, the deck is only available directly from Satyr Play.

Silenus Tarot Guidebook

The Silenus Tarot Guidebook is the perfect companion to the Silenus Tarot deck. Each page features a reproduction of the card illustration, as well as a detailed description of the scene depicted and and the meaning of the card. 102 pages.

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